Meet our Teachers

Teaching Staff

We complement our local experienced educators with expert expatriates to bring about a dynamic learning environment that is rooted to the traditions yet exposed to the challenge of a fast changing education landscape. Each of them comes with years of experience with sterling qualifications. This is further enhanced with a continuous and rigorous up-skilling and training regime to bring all educators at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning initiatives. More importantly, we take pride in role modeling the values and aspirations that we aspire in each of our students.

Admin Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Title Name Qualifications
Principal Mr. Farad Abdool Motalib MA
Head of Academic Mdm. Erny Nadiah BEd (Hons)
Head of Exam Unit Mdm. Umaira Azmi MSc
Head of C0-Curriculum Mr. Zahir Zabidi BA
HOD Islamic Studies Mr. Ahmad Taufiq BA (Hons)
HOD English Mdm. Shalini BA (Hons)
Class Teacher Y1 Mdm. Nurul Izati MEnv
Class Teacher Y2 Mdm. Syahrina Husna BA (Hons)
Class Teacher Y3 Mdm. Saidatul Nadila BSc (Hons)
Class Teacher Y4 Ms. Fadhilah Ismail BSc
Class Teacher Y5 Mdm. Shalini BA (Hons)
Class Teacher Y6 Mr. Zahir Zabidi BA

Our Values

The instillation of faith and spiritual-based life of excellence. A person with strong Aqidah is a well-disciplined person who understands her/his purpose in this life and hereafter

The inculcation of moral virtues, internalisation of the characters, and being compassionate.

Refers to the nurturing of learning excellence and humility in upholding the dignity and preserving.

Always be truthful and honest, having integrity in all our actions and intentions.


The regeneration of tradition, and being innovative and focused to generate new generation.



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