Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in applying for a place at AIU International School for your child! Admission is possible throughout a school year based on the School’s schedule, the suitability of the programme for your child at the intended admission time and place availability. Please discuss this with us upon application. Just follow these simple steps!

1. The Application for Admission form may be obtained from the School -or- downloaded from the School’s website click here. Upon completion, kindly email scanned copies of the completed form to – or-courier to us at the address on the form.

2. Please ensure all documents and items listed on the checklist are forwarded to us. Additional documents may be required and this will be made known. We will begin the application process as soon as the documentation and the application fee are received.

1. Applications will be reviewed taking into consideration various factors, including English language proficiency.

2. A placement test will be conducted for english, Maths and science to know the child’s ability in the level to be enrolled

1. If the application is successful, an offer of place will be made. The acceptance of the offer must be made by paying the applicable fees on or before the stipulated date on the letter of offer. The payment of the required fees in full constitutes the acceptance of a place and therein confirms the place for the child.

2. AiU International School does not provide boarding facilities, so students must be living with their parents who possess valid visas issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department (for Non-Malaysian). Admission to, and continued status as a student of the school, is conditional on the student possessing a valid visa as well.

1. Before your child begins school, you will receive from us information such as a detailed School Calendar, List of Books and Uniform to purchase, Parent’s car Sticker, and access to the SmartClass portal.

2. An Induction session will be arranged for your child; depending on his/her year group and the date of admission. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the teachers and possibly some new schoolmates too.

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Download the attached flyer and contact us to start your admissions process.
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Download the attached brochure and contact us to start your admissions process.
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Student Application

Placement Test

The school conducts placement tests for all students upon registration. There is no need for your child to prepare for the placement test. We will use the performance of your child in the placement test to customize the education that your child needs. Placement tests covers basic literacy, numeracy and Quran reading (for Muslims).

Bridging Program

Based on the performance of your child in the placement test, the school will conduct bridging and transition program customized to the needs of your child.

Contact our Registrar for Admissions

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